Windows 10 community activation @RU

Mozilla is all about a movement that helps you to preserve your rights as a citizen of the Web. Recently with Windows 10, Microsoft made it quite hard to change the browser for some folks. So, Mozilla decided to throw campaign to help them.

Rajshahi University is one of the leading universities in Bangladesh. On 9th November, 2015 me along with some of my fellow Mozillians, headed for RU to aware them about the importance of their rights as the citizen of the web and help them in case they had any difficulties with the new browser default system.

So, we headed up for the venue at 2:30PM as the event was at 3PM. After reaching the venue we set the banners up and checked the projector and sound system. The participants started to come from around 2:50. Soon, we had our expected number and we started the sessions.

First of all, I talked about Mozilla, why it’s necessary and what could happen if we didn’t have Mozilla around us. I started all the way back from the WWW and Mosaic and talked about how they made the Firefox, that we use now. I talked about the Browser Arm races, Microsoft’s evil moves to lock down the internet and all the good stuffs.

Then I asked them if there was anyone who’s default browser wasn’t Firefox, as expected, a few rose their hands, that was a fun question anyway. But when I asked if anyone of them was having any trouble with making Firefox default on Windows 10, holy, half of them raised their hands! I was quiet astonished at that moment. After hearing their experience personally, I showed them a few videos and blogs that demonstrated the process. We also distributed the copy of latest Firefox through flash drive to them who didn’t use Firefox as their default and asked them to give it a shot.

After these, we asked them a few questions, like, how many steps did it take to make Firefox the default browser, who is the inventor of WWW and many others. Based on this questioning session we gifted Love Mozilla Wristbands to those who could answer the questions correctly.

At last, we distributed the swags, the stickers and buttons and the snacks. This was a really great event, met with a few very wise and passionate men.

PS: For my real slow net connection, I could not attach any photos to this post, but if you want, you can see them all from here

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