MozCafe, #FoxYeah -Rajshahi

Every company or organization wants it’s products to be used by thousands of people. Mozilla is no exception. Thousands of people use their flagship product, Firefox Web Browser but in the journey it has changed a lot since it’s release. Dozens of features like “Reader View”, “Hello” have been added to make it more useful and friendly. But, it is true that only a few people knows and uses the new cutting edge features. So, Mozilla asked it’s volunteers from all over the globe to call in people and while chatting with them, let them know about the ever improving Firefox browser. Mozilla code named this campaign #FoxYeah

As a part of #FoxYeah campaign, MozCafes were done all over the world. When I came to know about this initiative, I reached out the man who was in-charge and discussed about arranging a event in Rajshahi. It was scheduled on 10th July at 6 PM. On the day, I along with Abdullah-Al-Mamun and Rownak Rehan Chowdhury started for the venue at 5 PM on a Rickshaw.

Selfie on a Rickshaw
Going to the venue on a Rickshaw

Reaching the venue, F&F Live Restaurant, we started decorating the place with banners, placards and other things as well.

Look carefully on the tables, Red Panda head? 😀
Close view
Maker party season was ahead, so used Maker party lanyards 😀
Banner hanging from the Roof
Banner on stand

After being done with the decoration, we had some free time and we took some photographs.

The thing in my hand was meant to be mask 😀

After a few moments the guests started coming and we got ourselves busy with the serious talking.

Spotted me? damn!
Getting familiar with people
Saud vi getting started with the formal session

After we’d met all the people we started talking about “why” actually we called the people. Saud vi stood up and started all the formal talk, yeah, he was formal -_-

After him, I started talking about why the existence of Firefox was ever important. I also asked why they use or don’t use Firefox and found some good points.

Stating why he loves Firefox

Then people were dived into groups to have a slight brainstorm regarding promoting Firefox more efficiently as a MozCafe to promote Firefox is not always an efficient way.


After this session we had the food and then we took some photographs in front of the banner.

You can find more photographs here.

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