Mozilla awareness campaign in Chapainawabganj

In my last post I’ve said that I was talking with Noor vi for a Webmaker event in my school, Horimohan Govt. High School. But I didn’t even know when Noor vi contacted with Istiaque, a Mozillian, and organized an event of awareness campaign in Imperial Polytechnic Institute,one of the leading privet polytechnic institutes here.

Istiaque vi was in-charge of getting the permission from the Imperial authority while I’d to manage my school’s authority. Noor vi sent us the applications for asking for the permission and fixed 28 and 29 August for the events. We talked with the authorities and managed them to agree with our proposed date.

Noor vi and OS shuvo vi, the Mozillians who would attend the event, reached Chapainawabganj on 28 Aug @6 AM. They stayed @Hotel Al-Nahid. The hotel and the venue of first event was in 2minutes distance.

The first event was @2pm. Noor vi and OS Shubho vi were tired so they rested in the hotel while Istiaque vi managed the banner and stage setup at the first venue, Imperial. At around 1pm Istiaque vi called me hurriedly and asked to join them immediately @hotel. So I did so. When I reached Noor vi was busy in finalizing his presentation with Popcornmaker. After sometimes Istiaque vi reminded me of calling Aminul vi. So I phoned him and asked to join us. In a short time He joined us too. Then came Jibon vi and his friend. We cut joke at Jibon vi as he mixed Firefox OS with Android! For around half an hour we had a lot of fun. Soon we realized that we were late for the event as it was already 2. We left the hotel for the venue but we were empty stomached! We hadn’t eaten our lunch!

We reached the venue and the people there introduced us with their students. Then Noor vi gave a short entry and started playing the movie “code_rush” and went to eat 😛

After sometimes the team came back and Noor vi started talking full-on!! He covered a wide area. Starting from Mozilla products to how Mozilla works and why. When Noor vi talked about the products of Mozilla, we found that many of them only thought that Mozilla only markets Firefox Browser. From Noor vi’s speech they came to know about Persona, Thunderbird and Firefox OS. Noor vi made them aware of their “rights” to the web and made some privacy concerns clear. Noor vi also mad ethe point clear that how Mozilla helps the web to be a better place and why they should contribute to Mozilla and help to do the good stuff faster. Some of the people listening to Noor vi were confused about how Mozilla manage to run the whole company and what is the fund source of Mozilla. Noor vi cleared how Mozilla earns and why we should work for Mozilla claiming no fees. Then he showed the real power of HTML, the mighty Firefox OS installed in Keon. People got interested in that phone so much because even though it’d a small amount of memory it rocked! Specially, Aminul vi liked it. Noor vi talked and answered many questions. Then Shubho vi went on stage and detailed localizaton. He described why we should work in the localization sector and how to work in there. After Shubho vi’s speech Istiaque vi explained how add-ons can be used to make life easier. Then we distributed mozilla stickers and the Imperial authority distributed snaks. After taking a group photo the event was over.

You guys maybe wondering where was I all the time??? Okay, I was behind the camera taking snaps through the event. 😀

Now the best part: You all may know that 28 August was a public holiday and students become lazy on holidays. So how we managed to organize the event? Well, thanks goes to Istiaque vi. He made the Imperial authority to phone students and ask them to join the event 🙂 because it was the authority’s fault taht they didn’t mentioned the holiday.

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